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All current vehicle air-conditioning systems work on a loop system with refrigerant being recirculated around it. The compressor is belt driven from the engine and compresses the refrigerant to a high pressure in gas form. Various controls are added to the systems and differ from each manufacturer, to prevent pressures from being too high or low, the evaporator freezing etc, and to operate fans to cool the condenser.

•     Recharge / re-gas / repair air conditioning systems and parts

      including condensers and compressors

•     Leak testing and fault diagnosis

•     Odour removal

"Leader Automotive have provided us with their electrical repair service for at least 15 years."

Dan Jackson

Workshop Manager, Jacksons, Solihull

Leader Automotive diagnose & repair car heating and ventilation systems, and electrical problems allied to these systems. This includes climate control systems on any modern car.

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